Cologne Marathon 2020 Virtual

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Dieses Jahr war so ziemlich alles virtuell–Unterricht, Arbeit, Konzerte. Warum auch nicht der Köln Marathon? Peter Kirkwood, aus unserer Partnerstadt Indianapolis, nahm im Oktober daran teil. Hier ist ein kurzer Erlebnisbericht:


On Sunday, October 4th, I set out on my annual “Run My Age” birthday run. This year was special because in addition to running for awareness of cardiovascular disease as a tribute to my late brother, I had the opportunity to log miles for the Generali Cologne Marathon. Due to our remote location at Chain O’Lakes State Park in Indiana, we were not able to connect to the live tracking for the event. Nonetheless, our hearts and minds were with our fellow participants from around the world, especially our partners in citizen diplomacy with the Indianapolis-Cologne Sister Cities.  As we crossed the virtual finish line of the marathon we stopped among the glacial eskers and raised our water bottles to give a próst to all of all fellow participants with the hopes that next year that this event will bring us together in person.
With seventeen miles to go to complete my 43 miles for my 43 birthday, I was really beginning to wish the United States had adopted the metric system.
Peter Kirkwood 
Indiana State Representative 
Sister Cities International